Blake Emal

Blake Emal


Blake Emal is the CMO at, but it's not been a traditional route into that role. 8 years ago Blake was living in the South of France and when he moved back to the US, he had no idea what he wanted to do. As he spoke French, he landed a gig in the French team of an SEO firm. This was his first foray into marketing and he didn't intend to stay in marketing.

Fast forward 7 years of working for agencies, freelancing and in-house, he stumbled across a little tool called He was quite happy in his current role, but sent the founder a DM on Twitter, asking if he needed any help with marketing. After a few back and forths and a grand total of 3 Zoom calls, Blake became CMO at



  • a few weeks into the CMO role Blake - how you finding it?
  • What has surprised you about taking a risky job in a role you've never done before?
  • What advice would you give to other bootstrappers looking to make a change in their life?
  • How much have you learnt about GPT-3 since you joined?
  • Should all founders be using it?

On marketing

  • Marketing is a scary thing to some founders. Where should they start?
  • What channels should they look to use? How do they discover these channels?
  • How should founders approach storytelling?
  • We hear a lot about building in public. How can founders build in public effectively?
  • How do you make the most out of Twitter

On content

  • How do you make captivating content?
  • How much should you be writing, sharing?
  • What's the best examples of content from founders you've seen?


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  • Podcast
  • Indie Hacker

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