Dan Rowden

Dan Rowden


Dan Rowden entrepreneur and product builder, currently based in Mauritius. Dan started off with entrepreneurship through his passion for magazines, before building software products around the publishing platform, Ghost. Currently, Dan runs a bunch of products with the latest being ilo, an alternative Twitter analytics platform.



  • Dan, tell me your story. How did it all start?
  • You’re a Brit living in Mauritius. Are you a digital nomad or just base yourself in various countries for an amount of time?
  • When did you get into building products?

On ilo

  • What made you build an alternative analytics platform for Twitter?
  • How’s it being going? Revenue, users etc.
  • How did you get it’s first users?
  • Future plans?

On other projects

  • Talk me through your other projects
  • I particularly like Gloat, your Ghost productised service. How does that work?
  • Why is ghost a good platform
  • How do you split your time between them?

Quick fire

  • Fav book
  • Fav pod
  • What excites you for the future?