Indie Bites Podcast
Indie Bites Podcast

Indie Bites Podcast


Short, bite-sized conversations (15 mins) with indie hackers that have started small, profitable and bootstrapped businesses. You'll learn how they come up with ideas, what they do to validate, find those first customers and make a sustainable income. šŸš€ Released 1x per week

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Indie Bites is sponsored by Weekend Club, a friendly online community for indie hackers to stay accountable and reach their goals. Use the code 'Indie Bites' to get 50% off your first month. Learn more ā†’


Below is the list of potential guests, those that are tagged idea I have yet to reach out to. Those that are scheduled are booked into record and the other tags are self explanatory. The table is side-scrolling if you'd like to find out more details on each episode.


Guest NameProductStatusRecord DatePublish DateSponsor
Indie BitesPublishedSep 1, 2020Sep 4, 2020None
Charlie Ward
Weekend ClubPublishedSep 5, 2020Sep 7, 2020None
Harry DryMarketing ExamplesPublishedSep 5, 2020Sep 10, 2020Weekend Club
Helen RylesMakerpad CommunityPublishedSep 11, 2020Sep 16, 2020Weekend Club
Anne-Laure Le CunffNess LabsPublishedSep 15, 2020Sep 18, 2020Weekend Club
Courtland AllenIndie HackersPublishedSep 16, 2020Sep 21, 2020Weekend Club
Sabba KeynejadVeed.ioPublishedSep 15, 2020Sep 24, 2020Weekend Club
Corey HainesSwipe FilesPublishedSep 15, 2020Oct 7, 2020Weekend Club
Rosie SherryIH + Ministry of TestingPublishedSep 14, 2020Oct 12, 2020Weekend Club
Mubashar IqbalFounderpath + moreEditingSep 18, 2020Oct 15, 2020Weekend Club
Wilhelm KloppSimple PollEditingSep 24, 2020Oct 19, 2020Weekend Club
Nick FogleWavveEditingSep 24, 2020Oct 22, 2020Mugshot Bot
Mark AsquithCaptivateScheduledSep 28, 2020Oct 26, 2020Mugshot Bot
Dan RowdenGloat + IloScheduledOct 15, 2020Oct 29, 2020
Ramy KhuffashPage FlowsScheduledOct 14, 2020
Christina PashialisContentUKScheduledOct 8, 2020
Andy ClokeInfluence GridScheduled
James BerryDepop BotInvited
Julian CanlasEmbarqueInvited
Tom HuntbCastIdea
Justin JacksonTransistorIdea
Jack ButcherVisualise ValueIdea
Ben TossellMakerpadIdea
Ali AbdaalYouTubeIdea
Diana AllenTerraIdea
Amy HoyIdea

Who's interested?

I asked people on Twitter who'd be interested in this type of podcast and I got some bites!

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About the host (aka me)

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Hi, I'm James

I'm a fellow indie hacker and side-project-starter and I love hearing the stories of other makers who have started their businesses while working a full-time job.

Whether that's a small little earner on the side, or something that has grown into tens of thousands of Ā£Ā£ income that means you could quit your job.

Having started many of my own side-projects I know how hard it is to get it off the ground and generate revenue. I wouldn't have been able to make progress on any of my projects if it wasn't for the kindness and support I've received from everyone in the Indie Hackers community.

Everyone has a story to tell, advice they can give and lessons to teach - I want to share them with as many people as I can.

I hope you can join me for this podcast talking to our favorite indie hackers.

ā†’ James